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Mazurka in A Minor, Op. 7, No. 2 performed by Brailowsky (1960)

Label:Sony SB2K 63237
Track:6        Track Duration:  3:07 minutes
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There are two types of MIDI file available on the right for each entry below:
  • Type 0 = Standard MIDI File type 0. There is only one track of data for all notes and tempo markings.
  • Type 1 = Standard MIDI File type 1. There are multiple tracks of data. The first track contains tempo change information. The second track typically contains the notes of the left hand. The third typically contains the notes of the right hand.

MIDI files labeled PerfViz are in a format which is compatible for loading into the PerfViz program by Martin Gasser which displays 3D performance worms. The "match-file" links the PerfViz performance MIDI file to the musical score and is a text-based file.

Type 0Type 1

Constant Tempo Performance Simulations
  • Plain simulated performance -- These MIDI files contain a constant tempo throughout the performance, and are basically literal performances of the written score. However, the performance tempo is set from the average tempo of the model performance. Thus, the duration of the MIDI files will match the duration of the original performance.

  • plainsd0
    MM 118
    MM 118

    Beat-Level Tempo Performance Simulations
  • Beat-level tempo -- These MIDI files contain a tempo which changes once per beat based on the duration between beats in the originating performance. Sub-beat level note times are estimated from a constant tempo throughout the beat. Score dynamics are used.

  • Average tapped performance -- These MIDI files contain a tempo which changes once per beat throughout the performance based on an average of several reverse conductions of the performance. Score dynamics are used.

  • avgtapsd0avgtapsd
    [match file]

    Subbeat-Level Tempo Performance Simulations

    Note-Level Tempo Performance Simulations